Shillong Teer is a popular traditional archery-based betting game that is primarily played in the northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya, with Shillong being one of its main centers. The game is known for its unique blend of traditional archery and gambling, and it has gained a following in the region over the years.

Here’s how Shillong Teer is typically played:

  1. Archery: Shillong Teer involves archery where skilled archers shoot arrows at a target known as a “teer.” The teer consists of a set of wooden balls or targets stacked on top of each other.
  2. Two Rounds: The game is played in two rounds each day: the first round and the second round. Archers shoot a specified number of arrows at the teer in each round.
  3. Betting: Before each round, players place bets on the number of arrows that will hit the target or “teer” accurately. Players can bet on individual numbers or make combination bets.
  4. Results: After both rounds are completed, the results are announced. The total number of arrows that hit the teer in each round is counted. For example, if 542 arrows hit the target in the first round and 743 arrows hit in the second Shillong Teer Common Numbers round, the result for that day would be 42.
  5. Payouts: Payouts are determined based on the number of arrows that hit the target, and players who placed bets on that number receive winnings according to the odds.

Shillong Teer is not just a game of chance but also a social event in the region, with a devoted following of players and enthusiasts. It is regulated by the Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax (Amendment) Act, 1982, which allows for legal betting on the outcome of the game. The game has become an important part of the local culture and economy in Meghalaya.

It’s important to note that while Shillong Teer is legal in Meghalaya, it may not be legal or regulated in other regions. Players should be aware of local gambling laws and regulations before participating in such games.

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