I am writing this because I am pretty disgusted at the ads I see for video production personnel on Craigslist. However it is truly buyer beware on Craigslist. I have hired some good people but have also had some really bad ones,Advertisers on Craigslist – Video Production Industry Articles like someone stealing my clients. You really have to check these people out if you are going to use them on your crew. This blog does not put blame on Craigslist but condemns the advertisers that place ads on Craigslist to hire video professionals in our industry.I don’t know If I should laugh or cry when I see some of these posted free classified sites ads by advertisers, that want to pay $250 for a two day shoot or an ad I saw for an HD shooter for $125 per day. Most of the pro guys don’t use Craigslist because they have established clients, but even for the guy that is just starting out or even with someone with some experience this pay scale is outrageous. These advertisers who are wanting to pay third world wages in our industry devalues our talent, creativity and running a succesful business. Video Production must have a standard, that is what diffirentiates us from uncle Harry with his camcorder that he purchased at Wal Mart or Best Buy. I truly hope that no one is that desperate to take these jobs at these rates and shame on these advertisers that actually think someone is going to give them a quality product at these rates. We are not in the fast food industry and don’t let us become that. Stand up for yourself and the industry and let them know what the industry standard is which is usually $75 per hour and up. I hope these advertisers get to read this and don’t treat our industry like the fast food industry.Author:Victor Sieff has over 18 years of experience in Video Production and is the owner of VS Video Productions in Denver, Colorado.

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